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Attachment Girl
oh, no apoligies Mayflower! nothing to be sorry for at all. i don't think you said anything that was offensive in any way at all. if you hadn't brought it up and asked about it, i would have - and i would have asked the other things i asked anyhow.Read More...



Hi Moonbeing! Welcome to the boards and nice to meet you. I am sorry things are so quiet here these days. By the way, you have a beautiful moniker. But more importantly, I am sorry about what you went through. Do you think that something happened when you took the accidental large hit that brought you face to face with your trauma? In the sense that you could not ignore the disconnection that that trauma had created within you any longer? To some extent, I can relate to the floating feeling...Read More...
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I find it very scary that T's have so much power over those of us who go to them for help. On their word alone, you can be put into a mental hospital or even arrested. That is one reason I am so scared to really open up with a T. I chose my words very carefully. I too had a T talk down to me, (in my opinion) and mocked me. She was fired. I might's not her time, it's your time.Read More...
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Skylnyx..I totaly agree with you. Most of the time it is not about sex. It's about acceptance in my situation. Society uses sex as a weapon. I prefer female doctors, (T's and MD's) because I feel like they have more compassion. I am new to this forum and am getting into some of the posts. I applaud the people who post here. They show great strength even if they do not see it in themselves. I have found over the years what people don't say speaks louder that what they do say. Some of the...Read More...
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Hurting to be attached

I just added a Free eCourse on getting through transference - it's a developmental perspective. Currently, there's no sign in required and yes, no strings attached. (Just so you know this is one of the ways I promote my mind-body approach to transference in the Therapy Bootcamp program.)Read More...
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Happy books that reinforce therapy

Forum: Book Forum
There is "My Family and Other Animals" by Durrell about his childhood on Corfu. It's a happy, carefree book, with very gentle humor. "Theophilus North" by Wilder is a novel about a young man gently helping different people overcome their difficulties (many of which are psychological). The book, considering the theme, is remarkably devoid of angst, grief and pathos. It's quite light, respectful and a bit mischievous. One of my favorite children books is the Moomins book. Moomins are a nice,...Read More...
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Thank you for the recommendation. I always love to read books about relationships, etc. I'm currently reading "Manic" by Terri Cheney. I've finished the prequel to this book about her childhood. I'd recommend it to you guys. It's about Terri's personal experience of living with Bipolar Disorder and how she knew she was different from age 7 when she attempted suicide. It's quite profound. SadieRead More...
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Splitting of the Ego in the borderline/psychotic cases.

Forum: Book Forum
Askalot I’m not aware of any psychology forum’s for students, but maybe you could have a Google, see what comes up and if you like the feel of it. Also, if you are struggling, try going to the library, they can help not only with books. I’m not sure how old you are, but they can help you with research techniques, so you can utilise better ways of finding the info, especially via journals, you are seeking.Read More...
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Read this!

Forum: Book Forum
"They are in great pain and that’s because they are paying attention." This answers a BIG question for me. Once I asked Quick T ( thats how I refer to her) why she doesn't prescribe meds for me. In her best Doctor tone she responded, "Do you want meds?" I said, "No, I guess not. (I just wanted to find an easier way to do therapy.) Some months later in the midst of doing the HARD work, and thinking about suicide (not like me to think that way), I asked her again, "So many people take meds,...Read More...
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I've seen this book in my T's office but have not read it before. I'm glad it has helped you! i believe it is very true about weight being a distraction and food used as a way to act that out. If food is love it makes sense for me - or if food is safety - because I know I reject food when it is likely I need love the most. i wish you luck in your ED journey. I've been battling an grab bag of anorexia w/ bulimia as well.Read More...
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Your voice in my head

Forum: Book Forum
Hi Exploring, Thank you for believing I'm a good writer. I have thought about writing an article describing what I went through trying to find help after my P died, because I had to be proactive and I think I should have received more support from my P's colleagues, but my case isn't that unusual. Also how difficult it is coming to terms with the grief when you can't attend a memorial, meet with friends and family who share the grief as we normally do when someone close to us dies. You...Read More...
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