My T asked me to read the book 'the gifts of imperfection' by Brene Brown. I am halfway through so far and i cannot begin convey how amazing it is if you're coping with shame & self acceptance. 

In general I really hate reading, but wanted to listen to my Ts suggestion. 

I got it at the library today, sat down with the intent to read just a little of the beginning & then go do other stuff and come back to it.

Next thing I knew I'd gone through chapter after chapter & realized I was starving because I'd been too distracted to stop and eat dinner! ! So the only reason I put it down was for an urgent need to grab some food. 

I'm sure this book has probably been talked about/suggested on the forums before, but I just had to share how much I love it!!! I have a TON of light bulb moments to sort through.... she's totally changed my perspective on so many things now...

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I have this on my bookshelf AH, so i will dig it out and have a go at it over the weekend . xx

(((((((Draggers, dandilion, beaglemum, liffey))))))

Beaglemum & Liffey- totally agree!!!!

Draggers & Dandilion- let me know what you think of it! 

((((((RT)))))) Thanks for recommendation

I'm almost at the end of this book and judging by how hard it's been to pry myself away from the pages, i think I'll look into all her other books! 

I'm also planning to buy a copy now so I can highlight & sticky note it to death

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