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This forum was suggested by Permafrost and is intended as a place to meet and talk with other forum members when it might be too triggering to go elsewhere on the boards. Please refrain from discussing any difficult or triggering issues here, the idea being that members could still connect without having to risk being triggered or overwhelmed by the material being discussed.
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Wow just logged on and did a double take wondering what had happend to the forum, looked like about a million new sub forums suddenly appeared! My obsessive need for routine took a hit at first, but it's great to see.

Thanks so much AG for setting all this up, you're really making the forum an even better place to be. Smiler

And thanks Frosty for suggesting it, I loved the Peep thread so looking forward to lots more like it here.

I'm so very sorry, I never thought of food as a triggering subject, although as soon as I read your post, it was like "D'oh." I will admit that I was thinking in terms of emotional struggles, abuse, etc. but if there's one thing I should know is that it's impossible to know someone else's triggers.

So I think the best thing is that we try to avoid what we see as triggering subjects and if something comes up, like food, that people feel free to speak up and say it's a trigger so that people know to avoid the topic in the future.

Thanks for saying something.

i like the idea of having descriptive titles. i also agree it's hard to avoid every trigger - and sometimes, i get triggered by the most random stuff. and, sometimes threads go a little off topic (like take the peeps thread) but still are fun and i wouldn't change them a bit.

i can be a bit dense sometimes so please forgive me if this is a painfully obvious thing to ask: do i understand right, the general idea is that the really tough emotional struggles and more therapy-related subjects would be better elsewhere and this forum is for more like... well, other stuff? fun/get to know each other/just talk and share topics

i get really triggered by food topics too, and yet it's like different when someone posts about their battle with an ed vs a thread about food... ok, both have triggers, and both have lots of encouraging things about them too. and it's my job to manage my own triggers.

DF - i like your idea about a quotes thread - and wondered - ok to post that kind of thing here? better on coffee talk? i have no idea. i would be totally up for a thread like that somewhere.

i came across a sweet little encouraging story this morning, and thought of posting it - and wondered here, or coffee talk? ...and maybe i shouldn't worry... ? if i post it here, and it's the wrong spot, i hope someone tells me and i could take it down and/or re-post in coffee talk and/or ask AG to move it to coffee talk... or something... am i off to think that?

i like having this as a pretty "lighthearted" (for lack of better words) place - like less triggery place... and in the end, the forum titles are guidelines.

can continue my posting silly youtube video links here? funny animal pictures? i think i will for sure do that... Smiler

ag - thanks so much for putting this forum together and getting them all organized. it's so cool.

frosty - what a great idea!

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