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Classical Substance Abuse

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Hi Ghost Girl, Thank you! Yes, I was using opiates. I also have two torn discs in my back so it's been helping with the pain with that. It helps with my anxiety as well. I was also coming off of benzo's in the detox center as well. I was not abusing them, but was taking them at a higher dosage I guess and the longevity of taking them. They were not allowed at the detox center and I was fine with that anyway b/c I definately want to stay away from all addictive meds. Thank you so much for...Read More...


(((CD))) sounds like a good session. It can be hard to take in, but its sounds like you're starting to! Good stuff.Read More...


(((CD))), Thank you! I am in an outpatient center now and some of the people who are on the naltrexone are having some bad side effects so I was leary. I actually don't have specific cravings for the problem is I would ingest anything that would numb me...blah. Well I've got 28 days off of everything right now so thats good. Anyways, thank you for your response. I'm glad to be back as wellRead More...


That would get me really pissed off, CD. Not even talking to you about it. Plus, if this is what he really thinks and is what he's writing down as your primary diagnosis, what is he offering as treatment? I would consider it malpractice to make a serious diagnosis, not inform the patient and not offer treatment. (Regardless of the issue. ) Have you considered calling his office and confronting him? Or at least ask some very pointed questions of the nurse. Grrr... -RTRead More...

Is this common?

Thank you very much for the reassurances! It is new for me to work with a therapist with her specialties. She is terribly empathetic and so patient with me. It does help a lot. Maybe that scares me a little! Ok, it scares me a lot because now I don't really have any excuses to hold me back. I really hope that wounded healers can be safe, because if anything, I am one myself. (I'm not a therapist but I work with a hurting population in a helping profession.)Read More...

Help PLS!

i noticed, but i thought (hoped) Ms. muff was just out driving that little car... muff, come back...come home. RabbitEarsRead More...

I want to smoke so effing bad

That's cool. I would be honored to know that I have given you your official nickname here on psych cafe!! I will remember the positive. I did slip a little but I could have fallen off the cliff and I did avoid that!Read More...

Vacation struggles

I have a question, are you trying to stop drinking, and if so how long have you been sober? I was taught to stay away from slippery places in my first year of sobriety. If you are dreading going on a vacation with drinkers, then follow your gut feeling and do not go. Vacations are supposed to be fun, and you are supposed to look forward to them not dread them. What kind of a vacation is a giant drinkfest where the point is to be drunk, not present in the moment? It looks like you managed to...Read More...

Can I control it?

Yakusoku, THis thread is old but I will post anyways. If you think you should stop drinking, and you still have great desires to drink then you should follow your gut and stop drinking. Stop before your drinking becomes a habit you can't and won't want to stop. I stop smoking before I became addicted. Sure I like to smoke and I sometimes miss it, but I started to crave smoking, was smoking more frequently, I would think about smoking and looked forward to smoking breaks. I am glad I stopped...Read More...


Functioning is not living. If you are serious about stopping using, there is a lot of support to help you quit, there is even a 12 step program, Marijuana Anonymous. I have found forums for people trying to quit as well, you do not have to do this alone and you deserve to be happy. Start living life on life's terms, you will be a better person because of it.Read More...

"Justified" Relapses

((BB)) Hey you - I had to take a bit before bravely clicking the read button because I'm going through some... stuff with my own stuff right now! But then I saw it poofed! Which... I understand... I do that lots. I have TONS of reasons to justify my relapses or justify clinging on to things because I don't want to lose them. Even my ED stuff right now... I've talked myself in to why it's happening a few times. Not really sure if that was what this was about. Hope you are doing okay bb...Read More...


xoxo, You're right things do become intertwined and it is so hard to keep them separate. Don't live near family but I did actually speak to her the other day and she sounded the same...anymore I just don't engage in too much with or about her...thanks for asking though. Take care of yourself. HopefulRead More...


Hi rookie, nice to meet you! I can relate to your are doing great so far--4 weeks since you used--and think...if you use'll have to go back to the beginning and say ...'it's zero days since i last used'...try to hang in there...lots of times people don't think when they say things...keep posting here if you need to...thinking of you...keep us posted if you want to...mlcRead More...

update--distance between T and me :(

ps- I just reread what I wrote, and wanted to edit- I didn't mean to imply that you only matter because you matter to your T...of course not, you matter regardless. But, it's nice when we can access the feelings about mattering through that connection with a T, it really helps wake that up, is all I meant- ((((((Mlc))))) Hope you are doing well today- Love, BBRead More...


(((BG))) Sorry I wasn't around, but so glad you came through to this Monday morning, which is most definitely a cause for celebration! You should be very proud of yourself. AGRead More...


I agree with kashley. It didn't seem that way to me at all. Let me know if you'd like me to delete my post, though. ((((BB))))Read More...

rough patch

Beebs... about what you wrote above... I struggled with this too. It's because when you were a kid no one played with you. No one gave you that connecting through play experience so you don't know how to do it and when you try to do it, well it just feels unnatural and forced, right? I just didn't know how to play with my son until my OldT started "playing" with me and with both of us in session. We would toss a ball back and forth, we played hangman, just the two of us. Then there were...Read More...

how do I not do this?

thanks stoppers, BG, and mlc. Stoppers - you have a good idea of calling someone to talk. after you posted, i did and it helped. and it still helping. BG - I like the idea of tea or hot chocolate. Almost is like trying to replace it with something else that would be good for me and (feels ok too). I am desperate to escape. I used to be able to escape in other ways without this. damn this is nightmarishly hard. mlc - that is so good to hear right now that this, the craving, the desire, the...Read More...


I've never had a drug addiction but was married to someone who was an addict. Recently I was complaining about how he used drugs to numb his emotions. My T2 said, "Does that sound familiar?" and then I realized she was referring to my eating disorder. Hit me like a ton of bricks when she held that mirror up.Read More...