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Just wondering if anyone read this book, my T strongly recommended I read it.  she said, she doesn't want to wait until I'm reading it as a psychology student.  I love the way she's made up her mind although I am still undecided about studying... 

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no clue about the binds or bonds...we'll find out.  Whoever reads first, please share OK?

I googled to find it and it sounds interesting, I just wonder if it's written for layman or not.  

I am definitely going to read it...I'm first checking my friend's library and else I'll buy it online from bookdepository, it's not expensive.

Sounds interesting. I have a history of unhealthy relationships. I'd love to hear feedback on what you think. 

I will get back after reading, but I'm overwhelmed, I have very little time to come to a decision if I start studying psychology or not...

Thank you for the recommendation.  I always love to read books about relationships, etc.

I'm currently reading "Manic" by Terri Cheney.  I've finished the prequel to this book about her childhood.  I'd recommend it to you guys.  It's about Terri's personal experience of living with Bipolar Disorder and how she knew she was different from age 7 when she attempted suicide.  It's quite profound.


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