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Psychotherapy Classics


If you need to step back from your psychotherapy and have a good chat about other stuff, here's a trigger-free place to hang out. Come join us.

Last Post: Pictures?

Where it all happens . . . anything to do with psychotherapy inside and out: like finding a therapist, getting started, moving through transference, boundary issues, dealing with terminations and any emotional issue that might bring you into therapy.

Last Post: just needed to let some stuff out.

You're bound to have questions pop up being in therapy. Here's a place to get them answered.

Last Post: AnXiEtY

Is there science in psychotherapy? Loads of it, as it happens. Find your questions/thoughts answered here.

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Adult child of an alcoholic? It's bound to show up for you in your psychotherapy.

Last Post: Did you grow up with a problem drinker?

Substance abuse issues can complicate your progress in therapy in ways you would't expect. 

Last Post: Gabapentin

Being in psychotherapy. . . creates it's own stories. Come learn from our experience. We've logged thousands of hours and we'd gladly share if it helps you with your therapeutic journey.

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