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Greetings all, 

I've created a small primer for the new forum format that covers some of the more commonly used tasks. It's in PDF format attached to this post. All feedback is welcome, including identifying typos or tasks you'd like to see documented.  Just reply to this post! Thanks!



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Basic Instructions to Get You Started
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(((Beaglemum))) Absolutely my pleasure! I haven't been around much lately due to a very busy summer (we were just out of town for a long holiday weekend for the 4th of July) with multiple weddings and my job being on the busy side also. Doing my best to keep up with reading though. If anyone has any concerns or needs anything, don't hesitate to PM, I'll get back to you as soon as I can!


Hi, I'm new here.  even having read the primer, I think it might take a bit to understand how to navigate the forums. I'm not particularly tech savvy and being on a mobile is even more foreign to me.

As a new person it was suggested I make a introduction post.   i don't know where to do this or what should be in it.

It was also suggested that I register as a user (i thought I already had) and then answer some getting to know you questions but I didn't see anywhere to do that.

I did read rules and guidelines and what not.

Hi Robert! Welcome to the boards. You can always start a new thread and introduce yourself in it. It could be in the Coffee Talk Section or the Stories and Personal Accounts section. I just realised that there is a separate Introductions section too.

When you start a new topic, the new page will allow you to select the forum on which you post (just go through the list and select Introductions) at that time.

And feel free to tell  us anything you want to share about yourself or feel comfortable sharing, or your therapy (assuming you are in one currently), where you are with it, what kind of therapy are you in, what it feels like. You can also go through others' posts in the Introduction section or just any section to get more ideas.

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