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So glad you asked. BTW, I don't want you feeling like you did anything wrong at all ok? The reason we've tried to organize this with one book to a thread is because in the past, we've had really good discussions on books (before there was a book forum) and then lost them somewhere in the forum. So the idea was that if each thread is the name of a book and the author, then it would be easier for other people to be able to come and look for resources they might be able to use.

To start a new thread in the Book forum, do the following (these instructions are specfic to the book forum, but you'd do this the same way in any forum).

1. Go to the main forum page

2. Scroll down and click on the purple "Book Forum" link. If you click on this link, it will take you to the same place: Book forum

3. You'll notice a brown bar across the top of the list of topics that has a row of buttons: Go, New, Find, Notify, and Tools. Click on the New button, then select "Discussion" from the pop up menu which appears.

4. Another window will appear. Enter the Book Title and Author's name in the box labeled Subject (in any other forum, enter whatever you wish to here.)

5. Then click in the larger window underneath and start typing. (And I just realized that you probably know this part since you've posted several times. Sorry! Big Grin) FYI: the row of buttons above the entry window allow you to add some effects. The two most used by most people are the emoticons and the quotes. To add an emoticon, click on the yellow happy face and a list of emoticons appear, when you click on one,it's added to your post. If you wish to quote someone else as part of your post, go to their post, select what you want to quote, then press ctrl-C. In your message window, click on the quotes button. The word "Quote" in brackets appears followed by a space and then "/Quote" in brackets. Click in the space in between, then press ctrl-V (this will insert the text you copied earlier.)

If any of this doesn't make sense or you have other questions, please ask!


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