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I realize this has been addressed before but I was unable to comment on it. Probably because it was from 2012. Its more of a rant than anything. I went to a therapist who I did not get along with and just shut up to get it over with. I wish I would have walked out. Because NOT walking out I have now given them a reason to not refund my money. I don't care, if she used her time to berate me, she shouldn't be able to keep my money.

I can get a refund if I didn't like this product because its tangible. It should be the same when you can verbally explain why you think it was not a good fit.

I did report her to the state and though they agree it was inappropriate it wasn't illegal. Great how these awful people can get away with keeping peoples money with nothing to show for it but a bad memory of how I'll never trust another therapist.

I hope she has the life she deserves. Yes, I am bitter.

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I find it very scary that T's have so much power over those of us who go to them for help.  On their word alone, you can be put into a mental hospital or even arrested.  That is one reason I am so scared to really open up with a T.  I chose my words very carefully.  I too had a T talk down to me, (in my opinion) and mocked me.  She was fired.

I might's not her time, it's your time.

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