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Psychotherapy Help Tips


"How do you get through the 167 hours after your therapy
...yeah...pulling the pieces together in your head
— all the while holding onto a semblance of yourself —
then turn around, and be ready to do it all over again?"


Struggling with therapy? Help is on the way...

How many times has your session ended and you're left wondering about something that's now weighing heavily on you? And to top if off you've got a whole seven days until your next appointment before you can get it resolved.

Or maybe you've never had the courage to bring up a particular subject. In fact, you're not even sure if it'd be reasonable or appropriate.

I mean how do you check on this stuff if you're not comfortable discussing it with your therapist?

Maybe what's causing you to fret is of a delicate nature, perhaps even something to do with your therapist. Now where do you go for that kind of help?

And until you get this issue settled in your mind, it can cause you more stress than the reason you're in therapy to begin with!

You know you want your therapy to work. You're not expecting miracles but there must be a way to feel a little more at ease as you go through the process.

Finding help for your psychotherapy

Imagine how comforting it would be to discuss your question with others who've already gone down that road. . .

. . . and discover that it's not such a strange question after all. Many PsychCafe Members have been through the same thing and they even suggest how to approach the topic with your therapist . . .

Yeah, exactly.

You see, these are the reasons many of us are here. The work we do in therapy is intense, sometimes complicated, and apart from our therapist, we do it alone.

Our community is made up of folks who are on a similar therapeutic journey. We pride ourselves on having a core number of “seasoned” therapy clients. Every one of us has benefited from the help and support on this forum.

We invite you to join us.


Join the PsychCafe

Enjoy ongoing help and support for your psychotherapy.

Join our group and get psychotherapy help and answers to your therapy questions.


A few of our Members shared their stories about being in psychotherapy and getting help from others in the PsychCafe:

Psychotherapy can be confusing so here's help on making your way through
If you're looking for psychotherapy help this group makes it easier.



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Find peace of mind on your therapeutic journey.

Join our community and get help with your psychotherapy.
Make psychotherapy easier with our community help.


Will psychotherapy help you with your problem. Find out by being a part of our community.



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Help for your psychotherapy might be easier than you think...

A little while ago, we had a crisis in our community. We lost our previous funding source and had to find a solution. (That's when we implemented the Patron Membership.) We pulled together and found ourselves sharing stories how much this community has meant to us. A couple members wanted to share this with you:


"I was scared and confused about the feelings I was experiencing toward my therapist... so scared and confused that I could NOT discuss them with her. I felt ashamed.. and like there was something wrong with me. I was having erotic feelings for my female T. Did this mean I was struggling with my sexuality? Did it mean I was perverted? The feelings were overwhelming."

"I seriously would have been lost without this forum in the early days with my old T. I was finally able to know that I was not alone with my experience... that there were others out there that had the same feelings I had, that some had successfully tackled these issues with their therapists and that I could also be of support to those struggling with issues I had already dealt with in therapy."

"I honestly don't know what I would have done without the information and the wonderful and supportive members of this forum.The members on this forum are like family. A very supportive and kind community that I will be forever grateful for."

I found help for my psychotherapy at the Forum Community PsychCafe GhostGirl


"I just realized something. I always knew it deep down inside but it became clearer in the aftermath of the issues we've faced recently as a community."

"I realized that my ability to use my personal therapy effectively was facilitated by THIS COMMUNITY. I spend 1 hour a week in therapy but most of the processing is done in the remaining 167 hours of the week (yes, I've done the math). And as valuable as therapy is, it is the processing that makes the difference - and my processing has been HUGELY impacted by the conversations and experiences shared on this forum. "

"Thank you to everyone for sharing yourselves with me."

I found psychotherapy help at the PsychCafe YellowBug


"I began therapy 6 years ago, at the ripe old age of 61, as a result of being crushed by a work situation that I continued to work in for a few years. Some very old 'not dealt' with issues were also raised. I came across Psych Cafe at the same time. It was, and is, a wonderful community of caring and sharing people. I have formed some valuable friendships here, learned so much from the members generally and been accepted and allowed to just be me."

"I haven't been in therapy for a while now and my therapist has moved to another part of the country but this community is still here and I would be so very very lonely without my online family."

"You will meet people you resonate with instantly, build friendships with some and you will find there are people you don't resonate so easily with - I have and it's natural but the one wonderful thing I've found is that there is always someone who will and reach out and support whoever might be in need!"

"This is a very special community and I hope more join to keep it alive."

Went to psychotherapy at age 61 and got help at the PsychCafe Beaglemum


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How to Help Your Psychotherapy