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Reply to "Welcome!"

i like the idea of having descriptive titles. i also agree it's hard to avoid every trigger - and sometimes, i get triggered by the most random stuff. and, sometimes threads go a little off topic (like take the peeps thread) but still are fun and i wouldn't change them a bit.

i can be a bit dense sometimes so please forgive me if this is a painfully obvious thing to ask: do i understand right, the general idea is that the really tough emotional struggles and more therapy-related subjects would be better elsewhere and this forum is for more like... well, other stuff? fun/get to know each other/just talk and share topics

i get really triggered by food topics too, and yet it's like different when someone posts about their battle with an ed vs a thread about food... ok, both have triggers, and both have lots of encouraging things about them too. and it's my job to manage my own triggers.

DF - i like your idea about a quotes thread - and wondered - ok to post that kind of thing here? better on coffee talk? i have no idea. i would be totally up for a thread like that somewhere.

i came across a sweet little encouraging story this morning, and thought of posting it - and wondered here, or coffee talk? ...and maybe i shouldn't worry... ? if i post it here, and it's the wrong spot, i hope someone tells me and i could take it down and/or re-post in coffee talk and/or ask AG to move it to coffee talk... or something... am i off to think that?

i like having this as a pretty "lighthearted" (for lack of better words) place - like less triggery place... and in the end, the forum titles are guidelines.

can continue my posting silly youtube video links here? funny animal pictures? i think i will for sure do that... Smiler

ag - thanks so much for putting this forum together and getting them all organized. it's so cool.

frosty - what a great idea!