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GG it seems like you have already decided that moving to this area is not going to work for you. Are you ready to accept what making that statement would do to your marriage?

I would encourage you to not get trapped in the all or nothing black or white thinking. Tell DH how important access to good mental health care is to you. Explore what is available there. Talk with your current therapist about what they might know of the area. Maybe you could contine with your therapist via Skype? Maybe you could have a once a month visit in person? Maybe you might find some other therapists, support groups, and friends in the area that you just can't imagine are there right now.

I know the idea of moving away from what you know to be a good situation is frightening. And in the end it might really be not a good idea for you. But you owe it to your husband to honestly see if you can find what you need where he feels like he would like to be now.

Just try to stay open to the possibilities.

Hi Jillian,

Thank you for your response. Yes I am aware of what making that statement will do to my marriage.... that is why I am going regardless.

I am sure I will find a way as I will have no say or no choice in the long run, but I know myself too and if I go, and if I do not adequate support I will destroy myself and in turn resent and destroy my marriage.

It is sad, but I just have to let it happen. I owe my husband at least this much.

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