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I'm dealing with a problem I don't know how to handle and it's making me very anxious with panic attacks and dissasociation occurring because of it. First let me say it took me YEARS to be able to even talk to anyone about my problems. I finally found a great therapist as far as listening and understanding me. I have made progress with her- all this is heading for derailment because since I applied for healthcare they want my therapy notes! She was supposed to be making progress notes seperate from my therapy notes (she did not) since she didn't make progress notes they want to see my very personal therapy notes and by doing so it would become a permanent part of my medical record that ANY Dr. can view, not just psychiatric. I do not want to give access to my therapy notes- I had thought that was Dr client privledge, and that it was going to be kept private! Now I'm in a panic because I find out that it is not as private as I had thought. On one hand the "law" states that therapy notes are excluded from being sent out when medical records are requested UNLESS the patient authorizes that they can be sent. Well, I'm being pressured to do it even though I don't legally have to. If I don't I won't get the healthcare- so it feels like I have no choice- this has made me want to discontinue therapy forever. Anyone else ever in this catch 22 situation?
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Hi, welcome to the forum!!! If you don't find you get a lot of replies here you may want to move this (just copy what you said) in to "Questions about content on MyShrink and/or being in therapy." This part of the board is usually used for links and stuff and gets neglected at times Frowner

That's crazy that your T wasn't keep progress notes!! Were you under insurance at that time? I'm not sure if it makes a difference. What I'm wondering if there is any way you could appeal and perhaps see if they would accept a letter from your T about your general progress in treatment? I wouldn't want my personal therapy notes on my record either (unfortunately, some of them are because I've been in the hospital before and they write down any and everything). It sucks.

I don't think you should have to put up with being pressured. Maybe you can talk to someone higher up the "food chain" at your insurance company?? That just doesn't feel... acceptable and you should not have to suffer so badly because of your therapist not making the correct progress notes. I've always had insurance to I know my Ts have to do that Frowner

I've never been in this situation, but I really do feel it is unfair - this made me frustrated to read!! I feel for you - insurance companies love to make life difficult, I'd really try to contact someone higher or appeal. :/ I hope you can.

I also wanted to say... I know many trauma survivors or whatever it is you have been through suffer a lot of shame when we are finally able to talk to people and it is so scary to think of other people just seeing that information. There is no shame in pursuing your mental health, there is still that stigma there and those who have that stigma are missing out on the wonderful work you've been able to do in your therapy. Ya know? That's what I'd try to tell myself I guess if I HAD to have my T's notes give up.... but yea it is a catch 22 because I also feel like I wouldn't let that happen.

Ugh.. what a bind.
Hi, thanks for responding. I was abused for years by my ex, my PTSD comes from that and my son being suicidal for over 9 years! This request for therapy notes & info comes to me from the highest of the higher ups- I got a letter stating that If they don't recieve my therapy notes by the end of the month then I will be denied the healthcare I desperately need! In addition to psychiatric probs I am in very poor health and in constant daily level 7-9 pain. This has me so sad and so mad that it is causing me very bad pain- stress makes my pain flare up and today it was the worst it's ever been! I'm ready to ask to have my legs amputated- that's how bad the pain is. I think we should be told this BEFORE we start therapy. I never would have begun it- had I known. P.S. i moved this to the location u suggested- thx
FW--yes, I am going through this as we speak. I am in legal proceedings and my lawyer says it is in my best interest to have my therapy notes sent over. My T filled out a "mental health survey" on me and I had to pay $25 for the printing of 4 years of notes. Once I read through them, I didn't want to included them. Even my T said it could hurt my case if I didn't include them, as it may look like I had something to hide. Believe me, I didn't want any one else to look at these notes, but I just decided to go ahead with it. I thought maybe the more that was included in then notes, the less I would have to talk at the hearing--because answering questions about my trauma is not my strong point! My T also said he would be happy to attend the hearing if I wished, which was good to know. Even though his notes and answers on the survey really told the whole story...he just thought all the evidence would be worthy. But, I highly regard his opinion, so I went ahead with it.

Good Luck on everything.

For what it's worth,


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