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by Stephanie Dowrick

THis is the book my therapist gave me to read over the holidays. Can i just say that I both love it and hate it!! It is triggering me a little, I think because it hits issues so close to home about why some of us do not like ourselves and how that makes it hard for us to spend time with ourselves; but it is alos triggering because much of the wording sounds exactly like my therapist! Which is nice, in a way, but so hard in another.

I think it is a worthwhile book though- possibly better if you are already quite far down the therapy route. Its quite old- don't know if its still in print.

If anyone else has read it, I would love to hear opinions.

Edited to add this quote, which I think some may like!
"THrough someone elses belief that you exist, and have a right to exist in your own way, you begin to find your solid ground within.
Frmo that place of inner reality you are able to reach out- perhaps even to forget yourself temporarily, and to make contact with others.
Being with others allows you to go on learning who you are.
Feeling safe about who you are, you can afford to appreciate others differences, as well as the ways in which you are alike.
Knowing who you are, trusting that you are, you can also be alone..."

That first sentence, for me, sums up a lot of my experience of therapy!
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