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I am trying to get through "How to Be An Adult in Relationships" right now. I find it very deep and emotionally provocative. I find myself grieving a lot for the things my relationship lacks. But you can't make a partner be the person you want them to be......

I'd be interested in your thoughts on the book Candlelight.

Hi Jillian,

I actually listened to the audio book. It was easier for me to have him "read" it to me. I was able to absorb more of the message. I am going to listen to it again since there is so much to take in. The first book I recommended is much easier to absorb. I loved it.

I really like the Buddhist principles and teachings; the whole philosophy he references; it speaks to me. Because much is based on love, acceptance and internal growth.

I was raised Christian/Catholic and severely shamed from the beginning of my life, at home, twelve years of Catholic schooling and at Church. The author was an Italian Catholic, which can be very strict too.

I am in the process of "unbrainwashing" myself and it is a big job.The damage runs deep, but I am not giving up. Catholic guilt is extremely powerful. Lot's of scarring.

I am just learning how to think for myself for the first time in my life. His books have given me a sort of permission to be able to work at this. I suppose it is self-differentiation.

You may want to try the audio book. It worked for me. I hope his writings help you.

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