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Hey Guys, I wanted to respond sooner but I was on my new tablet and it made it very difficult to respond to each of you. Now I am on my desktop. These gadgets make me confused sometimes. lol

Hey (((Liese))) Hmmmm... what have i been up to? Well not a whole lot but some good things. I started submitting my artwork to galleries and had my first gallery in June. I was very happy with the sales and so I will continue to do this. I was accepted into an artists group that is considered to be professional however everyone in there has a mental illness. Their mission is to break the MI stigma through art. I was so thrilled to be accepted because there was only one opening and many applicants. Can't think of much else at the moment but it's been a good summer over all. Thanks for asking

TN Hello, It's good to see you here too. You're a great moderator. See above for updates. Smiler

Hi HIC! Missed you

SD, I am glad to be back!

Nice to see you too Jillian

Puppet, thanks so much for the warm welcome.

Now I have to read around here and see what you have all been up to.
Some who i have known for a long time are noticably silent. I understand. When i was here before i was so lost. I was reeling from the deaths of my mom, dad and 13 yr old dog. I am in a much better place now. I hope to come back here more often but i find that i do not make a good impression on line. In person it goes so much better.
-edited typos (on a new tablet)
(((Turtle))) please don't read anything into my silence. Things have been insane in my life, dealing with some difficult family issues and dealing with six day weeks for several months, then last week I crashed with a truly awful sinus infection which kicked off my asthma. And that was before my left knee gave out and I had to start using a cane (today's session was on the shame that rose up). So I have been doing the occasional flyby and missed that you were posting right now.

I am also devastatingly behind in my correspondence both here and on my blog and have a number of people who have been waiting for weeks or months to hear back from me, so every time I post without having replied to them, I am afraid I am hurting them.

So I am very glad to see you back and posting, I just have not been around a whole lot.


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