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The following is a list of resources to use when in crisis. But please be aware that a crisis is defined as anything that you are struggling to deal with and may include, but not be limited to, loneliness, relationship problems, job issues, sexuality, parenting, grief, self-injury, suicidal thoughts and depression. These resources can also be useful for people with trauma backgrounds who are triggered and need assistance in grounding themselves when other resources are not available.

Shrinklady's Online Crisis Counseling page

This page on the Myshrink site provides a number of free resources to contact with help with a crisis, including national and world wide resources, in addition to information on contacting for fee professional counselors online.

Syracuse's Contact Crisis Line is a toll call outside the 315 area code in the US, but is available to all callers. (Full disclosure: I volunteer on this line. The other volunteers there are awesome. Smiler) Their number is 1-315-251-0600. Click on the link above to visit their website.
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great idea AG!

Can I add a few links?

for teenagers -
phone and online chat hotlines for anyone 13-21
*has a christian perspective

for anyone struggling with anything related to rape, sexual assault, incest
inlcudes phone and online chat hotlines to talk (or type) with a crisis counselor

for those who are deaf or hard of hearing this site has many links to hotlines and help for anyone dealing with any of the effects of domestic violence -
(I have a friend who volunteers with one of the groups listed at this site and I'd highly recommend them.)

there is always hope and help.

edited to add:

This site has tons of numbers for a lot of hotlines for many different kinds of issues.
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