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Best books on attachment injury and/or attachment in therapy? My T and I have started talking about the topic lately as relates to some of my most intractable beliefs about myself. Looking for reading suggestions to help me communicate about it better and also feel hope I'm not permanently broken...

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Thanks Waterlogged, you jogged my memory. Yaku, I would look up "David Wallin" and "John Briere" on Youtube, both of them have talks available. John Briere is an expert on healing trauma and touches on attachment also. I also found a couple of articles I had that I've attached to this post. 

Great interview of David Wallin on David Wallin on Attachment and Psychotherapy


Sorry another good source is Diana Fosha, here's one of her articles on Attachment: Healing Attachment Trauma with Attachment (and then some!)

And last but not least Jeffrey Smith has a new book out on Attachment (*Full disclosure, I contributed a chapter): Attachment to Your Therapist: A Conversation. His blog Moments of Change is also worth checking out. 

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Thanks so much!!! You guys are the best. Can't wait to read. Outside of the part where experiencing all this stuff myself is awful, gut-wrenching torture, I do find learning about it so fascinating. And my T seems usually willing to read them too, which has fascilitated our communication on tough or complicated topics before.

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