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Songs that remind you of your T...

Thought this might be a fun thing to do - share songs that remind you of your T. sometimes a sad song that makes you think of yr T; but there might also be some really nice / fun songs that make you smile.

I'll start Big Grin

This one is called 'To Sir, With Love'. It's about leaving school (aka therapy) "but how do you thank someone, who has taken you from crayons to perfume ... It isn't easy, but I'll try....."

"The time has come... for closing books and long last looks must end .... and as I leave, I know that I'll be leaving my best friend...... A friend whose taught me right from wrong, from weak to strong, it's a lot to learn....."

I think it's beautiful song (this version was relapsed in the 1990s by a kiwi woman called Ngaire - I know it's an older song previously sung by different people but I love this one as it's very upbeat Big Grin

When I hear it, I feel happy - and really grateful for all my T is teaching me (even though lots of the 'lesions' hurt like a biartch at the time lol).

I think it sums up how many of us might feel about therapy and the role our Ts have in our lives - they change our lives in ways we just cannot ever really 'thank' them for

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