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Hi MsC,

I'm sorry to here about the lack of eye contact between you and your previous T.I find it interesting that some of us desire the need for it while for others it triggers anxiety. For me it goes two ways. When we are engaged in a learning moment and she is explaining something to me the eye contact is there and it feels comfortable. But when I'm describing a difficult experience I had I make little to no eye contact. I gaze out the window, or at her bookshelf. I haven't quite figured out why yet but I experience a heighten level of anxiety if I do.

Thank you so much for sharing that link. I just read through the article, and found it a very interesting read. Over the last few weeks I've learned more and more about the brain -The roles of each of its parts, how they interconnect, how neural connections are formed, and how new ones can be created- Really interesting stuff. I've book marked the site so that I can re-read it again. There is a lot there to absorb Smiler

Eye gaze is such a key part of the social engagement system to regulate emotions and maintain a sense of connection.

My T is a real stickler about eye contact. If I don't look at him he insists that I do. In the very beginning it was almost impossible and even though I would turn my head towards him my eyes would go out of focus so I couldn't see him.

Now sometimes when he insists I look at him I will say NO. But most times I look because I do get more information and feel more connected when we hold eye contact.


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