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I have been living with my grandparents for two years now, after my bipolar alcoholic mother
forced my father to leave before i got the chance to know who he was and made it unbearable for me to live any more of my life with her. I am only 16 years old and i want my mother to be a part of my life, is there anything, anything at all i can do to help her? She is completely alone as she has pushed away everyone who cares.

It effects me a great deal, i am paranoid over if my friends actually like me or not, I have been with my boyfriend for over 1 and a half years and i keep having moments gere i want space and feel i would be better without him, then i wake up the next day and i feel as though i need him around.

I am SO confused about EVERYTHING, can anyone help? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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First I want to welcome you to Psych Cafe. This is a great community to find support and I'm glad that you found us.

I'm sorry that you are in such a difficult place. It is normal to feel the things that you are feeling and to go back and forth about how you feel about being close to others. As far as your mother goes, it might be difficult to have the relationship that you would like to have with her if she isn't getting help. It isn't impossible though and I would encourage you to seek out local support services as well as reaching out online. Is she in therapy at all? Are you seeing anyone that can help support you? Regardless, it will be important for you to have firm boundaries in place and to set parameters around the contact that you have in order to keep yourself as safe and healthy as possible.

This forum doesn't get as much traffic as the other forums so you might try posting in one of the main forums. You will likely get many more responses that way.

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