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Recommended to me by my T, going to seek it out.

Had a look about and checked out this intro:


And then there's this quiz:

Found it really enlightening, but perhaps I'm just really big on finding names/labels as a way to understand myself...

Anyone read it?
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Hi NavyMe,
I read it a LONG time ago but found it very helpful. My husband and I speak much different languages. Realizing that his main language of love was acts of service really helped me communicate more clearly to him. We kept trying to say "I love you" in our own language of love (mine is words of encouragement, followed strongly by gift giving Big Grin) but we were saying it in a way that we could hear ourselves but that wasn't being heard by the person it was intended for. It was interesting reading. And there's nothing wrong with figuring out different ways to understand yourself. Always use whatever you can lay your hands on that make sense. Smiler

I liked this quiz. I had never heard of this book. It kind of confirmed what I already knew. I like to hear things. My result was Words of Affirmation. I basically knew I was an Aural Learner type person. But this was neat because I can see I am not a physical type person so I remember in my last workplace everyone was just so "huggy." and I think they got a bit miffed because I hated all the hugs and high 5s

What I did notice when I took this quiz is that although I like to hear words of encouragement, I realized I "show" my love through gifts or quality time.

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