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Hello there.

Thanks for checking us out.

We're a small community--with heart--and we're looking forward to chatting with new members. As you can see we have some fairly active members.

If you haven't yet registered with the site, you'll notice that most of the recent topics are hidden from view. Only this Welcome section, the Book Forum and the Links Directory are viewable by everyone.

However, if you'd like to learn more about our community  - and enjoy the postings of some of our longstanding members - be sure to check out the PsychCafe Classics.

The other thing I need to point out is that this forum is not moderated 24/7 nor is all content moderated, so please take this into consideration when perusing the site.

Feel free to take a look around. We're having some interesting discussions. You just cannot imagine how many topics come up around therapy!

It's sometimes a big jump to go online--I know, I've been there. When you feel comfortable, feel free to join us.


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