Hey Draggers I did something totally out of character for me today. I made a mango pie from SCRATCH!! It was really good too. A bit rich so I can't really eat it very fast. Only a small slice once a day I'd guess. I used a butter crust and that's why it's so rich. I am so proud of myself. lol
Ha HA on the burnt bits. Yes!! That is my experience with cooking. Burnt, under done, prepared wrong, missing ingredients, any myriad of disasters is my way. God I feel sorry for myself having to eat what I make.

Anyway here Draggers this is the mango pie recipe. I did a butter crumb crust but to be honest it was too much. I think it would be better with a regular pie crust

Hey Draggers I am getting all Betty Crocker up in here. Tonight I am making plum bread. It's supposed to come out like cake. It's in the oven now. Has great reviews. I'll let you know if I made it right or not.

Smells good though....

(I had too many plums from the farmer's market this last week.)
I just found this picture online :|

If I wasn't allergic to apples.... what a cool way to serve potatos...

I actually thought it was icecream in an apple with caramel sauce at first, which spurred my EXTREME EXCITEMENT because I could eat all of the caramel in the world... but I was about to talk about how I wanted to drink all of that caramel out of the gravy pourer and realized.... waiiiiiit a minute..... that's actually gravy Frowner

It is coming out kind of slow though, there is still hope for the caramel. I'd put caramel on my potatoes also.

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