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Hi, it's great that you're here.

The wonderful aspect of our forum is that you are anonymous. This opportunity to be completely honest creates a sense of freedom we rarely have outside. Even so, if you are new to posting--as we all were at one time--it may be a little scary at first. This is a common reaction, but is soon replaced by a sense of fun and adventure!

In fact, as you may already know, we have far more people dropping by to take a look-see than there are people posting.

Getting Started

One way to get started is to simply register as a user, where you'll be asked to provide a few details about yourself. You can leave some questions blank at the beginning, but you're free to add to your profile as you become more comfortable in sharing about yourself.

Completing this short initial task can build your confidence to post at a later point…i.e. you've removed a psychological barrier because that piece is done.

Give yourself some time, find a good moment and post when you feel prompted by a discussion that interests you. You need only say "Hi" "I'm enjoying the discussion."

A small word of caution.

Remember that you are posting to a public forum, so always stop to consider whether you want the world to know your address, phone number, or your dog's real name. Also be careful about posting material (e.g. photos, images, excerpts from books, magazines, other websites) that may be protected by copyright. If in doubt, always get permission from the author(s) beforehand. See the PsychCafe Terms of Service for more detail.

Each author is the sole owner of his or her posts. If I should like to use your post(s) in another way (e.g. in a listing of "The Greatest Lines Ever") I'll be sure to contact you first.

Talk to you on the forum!

Dr. Susan LaCombe

a.k.a. Shrinklady

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