Ha ha DF that vid just freaked my cat out, he couldn't work out where the sound was coming from. LOVE your sense of humour, keep it up!

By the way, just thought of another candy thingie that nobody in the world except three (or is it four now) million NZers know about - hokey pokey icecream.


Edit: Here's a link to save JD from having to google it Smiler


Edit edit: Arrrghh no wonder the Tip Top stuff tasted crap when I was over there, THEY'VE CHANGED THE RECIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has to be Streets then.
There is a new candy out this year called "Peepsters". It is a marshmallow-flavored filling (not soft, actually fairly firm, like a truffle filling) coated with silky milk chocolate. They are wonderful. Big Grin I raided the Easter Bunny's secret stash the other night and finished off the entire bag. Roll Eyes So my girls will still get lots of candy...but the Peepsters are history. Razzer

Yes Jane, ...those, well done for finding them!!!! Big Grin Big Grin Perfect for cheering you up is a percy pig Big Grin

Frosty, sort of, well maybe not exactly.....we have them as snakes, really sour ones too Roll Eyes
And yes, kinder chocolate too in little eggs with toys in or (far better as in your pickkie) in strips of chocolate.

......but I still want to try peeps Frowner Big Grin


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