They are total sugar overkill, but they are so worth it! YUM-O!

I used to really like that they were only out once a year near Easter, but now they have peeps for just about every holiday - Valentine's Day, July 4th, Halloween, Christmas - one for every season, actually!

Have fun peeps!

(oh, and unless you want to be serenaded by carnival-type music, turn the sound down!)
Originally posted by permafrost: why? are we doing my game???

super cute japanese candy pic
**edit - pic not posting right - will come back later to fix**

and of course have to add Peeps!
pic below

**edited to add: can anyone else other than me see the two pictures?


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Love my kitties, but today it was my adorable daughter making me laugh. She is kind of, sort of, half-heartedly potty training right now. She went in her drawer, pulled out some Hello Kitty panties, put them on her head like a beanie, with one of her eyes visible through one of the leg holes, and ran around the house jumping and laughing. Love my kid!!! Big Grin
G'day JD lol! Thanks for the welcome. My god you found them, pineapple lumps my all time favourite lolly sorry candy in the world. I was just back in NZ recently and literally couldn't stop eating the damn things until I'd finished the bag. And then started on the next one urgh sick making. And they were SUPPOSED to go in my suitcase to bring back home. Probably just as well you can't get them over here.

BB!!!!!!!!!!!! ((((((((( Beebs )))))))))))


Edit: Or should that be ((((((((( Peeeeeeps ))))))))

Second edit: Are all Peeps chicken shaped and is that because they are Easter candy? Do you get Christmas Peeps as well? I suppose I should go and google them shouldn't I?
permafrost ~ oh yum! those look simply amazing! They look like they are right out of Gourmet Magazine. I have the same problem, and being a single gal, I'm always giving away my more successful "baking attempts" to neighbors and the like. Too many fun threads? never! (imho) Big Grin

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