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I see so many posts on here that I would like to respond to and that I can identify with, but I feel like because of the things I share here and because I am so clearly messed up because I obviously have no problem showing my messeduptedness here, I have no right to even respond. Kind of like a who am I am to talk thing. And because I feel inadequate in the way I articulate and express myself in writing.

Does anyone else struggle with this too? I know no one is judging me here and I have never felt judged... only supported and safe on this forum but I just feel like such a failure. Like I want to contribute but can't.

Just had to get that off my chest. Thank you.
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GG and Ms Control... I am sorry you both feel this way and struggle with posting to others. Everyone's posts are appreciated and valued (unless they are insulting and abusive in some way). If nothing else, the support of other members can mean a lot to someone who is suffering and feeling alone. I don't think there is any clear black and white/right or wrong in what you could say. A kind word, sharing a story that seems similar, some compassion and empathy is always welcome by members. You don't need to have the magic answer to all their problems.

I know, for me, the most helpful thing has been reading about a members' experience in their sessions. What their T says, what they have learned, what pissed them off and what seems to help them.

Lastly, if everyone felt that they had nothing important to say or nothing to offer, then there would be little reason to have a Board to post to. If no one shares then there is nothing to read and no support to be had and no reason to belong here. We ALL make this place what it is. And, yes, there are times when someone is in a fragile place and has no words, or nothing to give. But there are other times when we do have the strength to offer support and care to others. Sometimes we give and sometimes we take. There needs to be a balance for it all to work.

I know there have been times when I've been in the depths of despair and posting was too painful or writing was too difficult. But when I'm doing better I try to come back and contribute.

GG this is a good topic and you are courageous to be so honest. Same for you Ms. C.

Thank you

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