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I'm looking for a new therapist and happened to come across this site where you fill out a questionnaire and create an account, and get a list of suggested therapists and their contact information. It is free! And I was especially happy to see there was a checkbox to include therapists in the search who do online therapy because that is what I'm looking for. Anyway here is the link if anyone else is looking for a new T and wants to try it, or even if you're not and you're just curious about it:

My Therapist Match

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This is very cool SG! I haven't finished the questionnaire but obviously I will to see heheh

Wishing you good luck in finding the right T for you ((SG))

Sorry if this is getting off topic but have you done online therapy before? I haven't but I hope it goes well!!

Edited to add a cutely worded question:
If you were to buy a bird house that required assemble, I would: a) follow the instructions or b) wing it. Clever play on words? Probably not but I thought it was cute.

Also.. I had no matches in 100 mile radius of myself.
That was pretty entertaining Smiler One that I got matched with was almost the exact same approach my T does with me! She seems like she would even have almost the same personality as T too! But I'm biased when it comes to Ts and I don't want any other T but my own lol. Maybe if I start to get really anxious and depressed over the summer (probably not but you never know) I'm glad this option is out there Smiler
Yeah, I bet they have to register with the site and I only had one in my whole area, which is a large metro area as well. The others were all (I'm guessing) online people across the country.

Was I the only one who felt like there were several questions I could pick all of the answers for? It was confusing as hell to try to answer at times. No matter which I picked felt "wrong." Confused
Thanks everyone for your responses. I'm sorry I haven't been back, but I haven't been pursuing my T search much at all. One of my results kind of spooked me, in that in reading through his website and watching some of his videos, he reminded me WAY too much of the kind of person I'm usually attracted to...and usually hurt by.'s back to T-less land for me, for now. Roll Eyes

Originally posted by blackbird:
SG- I've had bad experiences with online therapy, but everybody is different- I hope that it will really work out for you! keep us posted!


Yeah, same goes with me, but as you said everybody is different.
Not all the services provided by a Online therapist are bad but some are.
It is really a tricky part to choose the right T

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