I use humor to de-stress...

here are some funny youtuve videos that have made me laugh. some of them are older, some newer... hope they might bring a smile to someone.

this video is of a this is of comic Brian Regan and helps explain why I try to avoid ironing. Big Grin
Brian Regan - Ironing

this dog is so concise in his response! and funny Smiler
Dog vs. Car (funny)

another animal standing up for themselves in way that is funny/silly
Kung Fu Squirrel (hehehe)

more on animals (hmm... I am noticing a theme here in funny youtube videos I have collected...)
goose with happy feet!

you HAVE to watch the last 15 seconds of this - it is just SO cute!
Kittens Gone Wild! The Orginial Popcorn Kittens

really skilled and funny!
only four chords needed for every pop song (video)

ok, ok one more last cute animal video. Beware. this is 17 seconds of pure cute. (watch at your own risk) Big Grin
surprised kitten!

ok, ok... NOW i'm done. thanks for humoring me Smiler

p.s. if anyone has any other funny video links they want to share, please post!
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JD I meant to thank you for putting these links up days ago, and then forgot. I LOVE all the animal cuties (however do you find these links, youtube seems like such a massive outfit where do you start???)

I thought the 4 chord wonders was great - really clever (they don’t have a lot else to do downunder eh?) Reminds me of my accusation of Status Quo, that I always called them the four-chord band, now I know why!

Thanks for the smiles.

permafrost ~ aw, I love the little girl's story - "and the hippo was allergic to magic"! Too cute Smiler and aw, the bunnies reminded me of a rabbit I had as a kid.
Those videos are both so adorable! Thanks for sharing. They made me smile! Big Grin
insomina tonight. thought I would share youtube videos helping me smile

This kitten is so sure he is going to reach the rail from the table...
Kitten can't jump

a video of a neat trick that puts a nail into wood without outside markings impossible trick

aw, a super cute baby with the giggles
Ethan laughing

more cuteness!
Bella the Beagle listens to the Mac

my cat started getting spooked when she heard these funny puppies.
puppy 1: come here!
puppy 2: no, YOU come here!
Beagle Puppies

A funny comercial! (I actually did this once!)
Bad Morning
jd - i didn't see this and just want to thank youand send love back from me and the bestest beagle boy who ever lived - woof!!
i have only watched the last video with the crow and cat and it is amazing! How beautiful to see such attachment...there is something so innocent about it.

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