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I have a pretty intense case of erotic transference toward my therapist which used to make me jealous when I would see here with a male client, or speaking to another man in the office. I even thought one guy was her husband. This made me very jealous. I originally thought she might be gay, and that belief fit into my fantasies nicely. When I found out she had a husband I was sad. She asked me how it made a difference to me. I told her I thought it was cool if she were gay, but now here husband was ruining my fantasies. I laughed and told her we were going to have to break up, because she was a married woman. I could not fantasizes with a married woman because that was cheating. "But you are married too." I said, "that is different." Ha Ha
Any one else become jealous when they see their T with another client?
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P. Snape, your post is very honest and a bit humorous, too, the way you let it all out. Let me say, it's really great of you, too, that it bothers you to want a married woman.

I wish I could be so honest with my T. I'm sure this honesty is going to result in good accomplishment of your therapy goals!
I'm jealous of my T, too, tho she's a woman and I am too, but I understand it's really not about sex. It's just that we expect any strong love feeling to be sexual because we were brought up that way. But it isn't primarily about sex at all.

Skylnyx..I totaly agree with you. Most of the time it is not about sex. It's about acceptance in my situation. Society uses sex as a weapon.  I prefer female doctors, (T's and MD's) because I feel like they have more compassion. I am new to this forum and am getting into some of the posts. I applaud the people who post here. They show great strength even if they do not see it in themselves. I have found over the years what people don't say speaks louder that what they do say. Some of the posts here bring back memories I have spent years trying to keep buried. A recent incident with my heart surgery is what led me to this site. I was in therapy over 20 years ago but fired my T because I was feeling I was nothing more that a paycheck to her. This last incident is forcing me to seek out a new T. I can't get an appointment until next week so don't know when I will be able to start. I know it will take at least 3 sessions before I can even start getting into my problems.  To everyone on this site I say..Hang in there, YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your struggles. We feel your pain because we are or have been there ourselves.  Soon, I will do a post on why I am here......Huggles to all.

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