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I think I am getting an IQ test on monday. This upsets me because what if I don't do well? If I score low then I will be treated as stupid. I know I am not dumb and in the past I had a brief 2 page IQ test and scored high but that could have been a fluke. My family members place so much importance on intelligence. My Dad had an IQ of 145. My stuck up, narcissistic sister says her IQ was 160 but I don't really believe her. I will probably score below average. God I don't want to do this.

I took an online IQ test and honestly I did not do well. lol. But the hell if figuring out which strange conceptual pattern comes next is really going to capture one's intelligence. I don't know. I want to feign illness and get out of it. = )
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Hey Turtle

It is supposedly proven that IQ's are passed down genetically and influenced by a persons environment. Therefore siblings growing up in the same environment are said to have very similar IQ's in general. My brothers and mine only differs by one point and I'm the higher even though he was always perceived to be the more academic between the two of us by far. Your sister has an IQ of 160 it is highly unlikely you will have a low IQ. That being said there is a lot of unnecessary importance paid to a persons IQ and for that matter it is not necessarily a consistent way of measuring intelligence anyway. Furthermore there seems to be no importance paid to a persons emotional intelligence in terms of test results, and yet without emotional intelligence, general intelligence doesn't count for much. I wonder if they did studies about people with average IQ's vs people with high IQ's if they would find that those with average IQ's on the whole were more successful in life in general or not?

Someone once said something to me which makes you think. If intelligence is like a circle (imagine a clock) and IQ measures where you are placed on that circle/ clock. The 12 is the beginning of the circle, 6 is average intelligence, 9 is high intelligence etc, well then really the higher your level of intelligence the closer you are to stupidity. I don't know - will leave that there for interpretation and reflection.

What I will say is this...don't put pressure on yourself due to other peoples perceptions of intelligence.

What you say makes sense B2W. When I went to college I had quite a few psychology classes. I remember them talking about IQ tests and how it is difficult to define intelligence let alone measure it. Also it was brought up that there are many different kinds of intelligence. That IQ tests really only measure book smart rather than say something like creativity.

I think I will purposely score so low that they will know it wasn't a good score. I know that sounds like an odd thing to do but I just really can't stand this sort of thing.

Oh and I think my sister is exaggerating. I really, really doubt her IQ is 160.
I'm not sure why your IQ matters at all to your T? It has little to do with your emotional acuity. At many job interviews they use tests that are at least half useful and rate more on thinking SYLES. MENSA used to be something you could put on a resume, now people are only in it so they can measure something ... Cool .... I've met a number of people (family, work, friends, etc), with extremely high IQs who were emotionally tone deaf (and an equal percentage elsewhere on the IQ "spectrum").

I think b2w is right in what she's saying about the clock in many ways. Lots of famously insane people were considered highly intelligent - I know sociopaths tend to be in the higher IQ pool also. I know... about zero non-socially awkward high IQ people but I tend to hang out with socially awkward people in the first place so maybe that doesn't count!! Anyway not sure what I'm saying other than what draggers is saying about common sense... there are so many different types of "smart".

If your T treats you different I hope you'll consider leaving... whether she's going to talk to you slow in 3 letter words because she's judged you as 'below average', or she's going to talk to you only in haikus with a minimum of 3 8 letter words because she thinks you're a wonder genius she's suspect in my mind. I don't even know why they use these for kids either. But, I digress...

((turtle)) I like you just as much whether your IQ is 1 or 3001. I think your T should figure out how to relate to you by actually relating...
I should have stated in the OP that she told me that she HAS to do a psychological assessment. That is part of the protocol for the place that we meet. She stuck her tongue out and rolled her eyes when she told me that she has to do this. I figure there is an IQ test involved because when I looked at the site and read about the psychological assessments one of the scales they measure is IQ. There are others as well. The appointment is for 90 minutes. Gee, I can hardly wait.

I know what you mean Cat. I have no doubt that my sister is very intelligent. She has proven it in many ways but there something about her that is so damn stupid too. lol. I mean I can't explain it very well. It's like she's gotten so arrogant about her intelligence that it makes people want to get away from her. I feel like saying to her. "Gee, is all that intelligence really worth a hill a beans when it blew your head up so much that it makes people not like you much at all?"

And thank you ((((Cat))) I like you too.

Thanks somedays. Maybe I can eek my way out of it. I took some sample tests online and they were strange. I hope to God they are nothing like a real IQ test
Hey TUrtle

I've done intelligence testing administration before and I can say that any test that only takes 90mins will not give you an accurate idea of your IQ. The most accepted test is the Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale and it usually takes 2 hours at least for full administration. So if they do any other test, the results aren't likely to be accurate one way or another.

There is an enormous genetic component to IQ. My bro has an IQ of 110 and mine is in the high 130s so it isn't always similar amongst siblings. Personality has a role to play too.

Hugs xxx
I am glad to hear that greeneyes. Maybe it will be more of a cognative assessment. BUt I was really glad to hear that because I took some short online IQ tests and my IQ was much lower than I expected. But in high school when I took the ACT I scored very high. So I was thinking there must be something wrong.

That's true Avoidant. I have to keep that in mind and also keep in mind that the Ts probably know it too.
Hi Turtle,
Areyou sure you have not misunderstood the type of test?
Before starting therapy here it is normal to undergo a psychological test called SCID ( structural clinical interview for DSM disorders).
It consists of 113, yes or no questions, which you answer by yourself, followed by follow up questions from the psychologist on those questions which you responded yes to. The purpose is to determine your personality type, such as dependent, avoident etc. This imformation is then used to plan your therapy needs.
It is an aid for your T to understand you better and assess your needs.

Unless your T has said otherwise, I am sure this is what they mean. It took me about 1 hour to complete the first part myself and then one therapy session with T to complete the rest.

Hope this helps! Don't worry!

Heya Starlight Yes that makes a world of sense to me. Yeah that would be better than some straight out IQ test. I don't even think IQ tests mean much anyway.

Although now I have a new fear - Wink Just exactly what kind of illness will they discover. lol. I am pretty sure I already know the short list. The intern is going to administer the test but the person who will be my new T is going to be there the whole time. So strange to have two people sitting there while you talk about your most potentially shameful BS or what have you. It's early in the morning too. Not my time of day to be accurate. Anyway you did help me a lot! I think I can manage this one.

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