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Thank you Amber,
I'll try amazon, however I wouldn't like this thread to end up as an internet guide for buying books.
I would appreciate, if more book titles and publishers, were suggested! As I mentioned, I am a beginner, so I would love to hear about books, or articles and papers, leading from novice to professional.
Another but related topic, I would like to know about, is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If possible, please let me know about texts that combine these two disorders.
Kind Regards,
Draggers dear, I did read your message. Sorry, I should have given you a mention. I saw Askalot address me, so I addressed them back, and then it looked like you were being ignored. I didn't mean to ignore you though


You're welcome. I am not an expert either and that's the best I could do. There is a search box and advanced search options too, so you can search "OCD" and see what comes up for that.


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