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Is this an accurate way to describe attunement?

"Attunement goes beyond empathy: it is a process of communion and unity of interpersonal contact. It is a two-part process that begins with empathy-being sensitive to and identifying with the other person's sensations, needs or feelings; and includes the communication of that sensitivity to the other person. More than just understanding (Rogers, 195 1) or vicarious introspection (Kohut, 1971), attunement is a kinesthetic and emotional sensing of others knowing their rhythm, affect and experience by metaphorically being in their skin, and going beyond empathy to create a two-person experience of unbroken feeling connectedness by providing a reciprocal affect and/or resonating response. Attunement is communicated by what is said as well as by the therapist's facial or body movements that signal to the client that his or her affect and needs are perceived, are significant and make an impact on the therapist. It is facilitated by the therapist's capacity to anticipate and observe the effects of his or her behaviour on the client and to de-centre from his or her own experience to focus extensively on the client's process. Yet, effective attunement also requires that the therapist simultaneously remains aware of the boundary between client and therapist as well as his or her own internal processes."

From: http://www.integrativetherapy....e/articles.php?id=31
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I've read Kohut's material, and it's the leading edge of modern depth therapy. It improves on psychoanalysis by showing more empathy for the patient and allowing dependency without so much emphathis on frustrating. Only problem is, does my T follow that school? I don't know, but wish she did. It seems so much more human and humane!
My T is a big fan of Kohut and I have tried to read some of his writings. It's funny because in the beginning I routinely accused my T of not having any empathy and not being able to show empathy to me. It really was there all along but I was so defensive and traumatized from my last disastrous T experience I could not see or experience it.

Hi hope4.... I think that quote describes attunement. Welcome to the Board.


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