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This book was recommended to me in a previous thread. I just wanted to report back for others on what I thought of it.

It is a great book for a simple explanation of how your brain works. It is quite scientific but is not overly heavily and quite accessible.

It has helped me to feel able to explain why therapy works for me and to understand more of how best I might use my therapy. I wanted to know more about attachment, and this book describes the T attachment as well as children's needs for parental attachment very well.

I would definitely recommend this book.
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Waterlogged/ Tenacious,
Maybe keep trying- even if you don't understand all of it. The basic principles are good even if the science gets in the way a bit! I can't remember exactly, but Ithink possibly the first few chapters were some of the most scientific. For me, it was worth persevering because i got a lot out of it. I read it in very small portions!
Otherwise maybe there are some easier suggestions around? I found Yaloms books quite good. They are not scietific- not going to explain everything, but nice to read in terms of thinking about therapy.
Liffey is right if you can handle Mindsight, General Theory is a walk in the park. I've done a lot of advanced reading (my T has told me that I am reading at a post-graduate level and that earlier in his career he might have felt quite threatened by having me as a client Smiler ) but I struggled badly with Mindsight and still haven't made it through.

Sometimes when reading books in this level I find it helps to just give myself permission to move on knowing I didn't understand some parts ( I remember distinctly doing so with Wallin's book which I found extremely valuable; my T and I used it a lot in our work.) I hope you give it another shot. But I'm a bit irrational about this book as it proved pivotal in my healing (not to mention my T read it because I told him about it which provided a sorely needed sense of my efficacy in the relationship at the time.) So I am sure you can manage to heal without actually reading this book. Big Grin


PS I have been away for a bit due to overtime and a vacation, so to the forums!

PPS. Liffey so glad you enjoyed the book and found it worthwhile!

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