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T's and Money

At the start of my session today, my T told me that he will stop taking all insurance at the end of the year. It wasn’t unexpected (he has been slowly leaving insurance panels this year and we often talk about the financial realities of private practice), but I spent the whole session frozen, with my young parts feeling like he was abandoning me. And my adult parts know it isn’t him abandoning me, but I can’t reassure the young parts because I don’t know how it will be OK, even though my T says that it will be OK and we will work something out.

Right now, I don’t pay anything out of pocket to see my T, and I see him twice a week. I know I’ve been really lucky not to have to pay anything for my T before this. My insurance doesn’t offer any out-of-network benefits, so at my T’s full rates, I would have to pay almost $15,000 out of pocket next year. That number just feels so huge and scary. And yet I know I make more than most people, and so if I can’t afford it, how do other people manage to pay for therapy?

My T asked me to figure out what rate I can afford. I think I could probably afford $10,000 a year, which would be about $100 per session. It still feels like a huge expense to add to my budget. My insurance only pays him $54 per session, so it would still be an increase for him, but I’m worried that he might be offended that my offer is so low compared to his full rate, or he will resent me if he agrees to accept it. And I’m also worried about how I am going to feel once I have to pay my T. Am I going to resent him? There is something way more personal about knowing my T is using my money to live his life.

I'm wondering about how all of you deal with the money issue:

What is your T's hourly rate?

Does your insurance cover some part of your therapy?

If your insurance doesn't cover your therapy or you don't have insurance, do you pay your T's full rate or do you pay a reduced rate?

If your insurance covers some part of your therapy, how much does your insurance pay your T (including your co-pay, if any)

How much do you spend out-of-pocket annually on therapy?

Do you resent having to pay your T?

Is paying for therapy a significant expense for you?

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