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Private Forum Poll

The idea of having a private forum available for all topics came up on the discussion thread about deleting posts. A private forum would require that you request access from the moderator, and that you are logged in to view the forum. There would be no requirement, other than being a member, in order to be granted access. As is true for the Sensitive Issues and Intimate Discussions forum, no topic information, aside from the time and date of the most recent post, is displayed on the front page of the forum. The contents of the forum would not be available for a Google search.

I would like to open up the idea of a private forum to discussion by forum members, as it has been the case in the past that changes to the forum structure have affected the dynamics of the forum. Since a change like this will affect all members, it seems like a discussion before implementing is a good idea. I have included a poll below to gather some information about member's use of the forums and prediction of how a private forum might be used. This would allow members to give their opinion anonymously, if desired. I would also though, really want to encourage people to post and discuss the idea. Thanks.

Would you be interested in having a private forum (not available for a Google search) which is not dedicated to any particular topics?

If psychcafe does have a private forum, do you think you would use it?

Did you lurk and read the forums before becoming a member?

Once you became a member, how long until you started posting?

If you are enabled for a private forum, did you read the private forum before you posted?

Are you concerned about Goggle searching the forum?

How do you use private messaging?

This survey was originally posted to a topic here.
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