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Poll: Who are we?

Just answer with the one response that is closest to how you feel about yourself.

what's your gender

what's your age

what do you consider your primary sexual orientation

do you have any human kids

do you have pets

what is your highest level of education

do you take psychotropic meds

do you see a psychiatrist

do you see a therapist

have you ever tried to suicide

do you have an eating disorder

weight compared to standard norms

do you work

are you on facebook

were you abused as a child

have you been diagnosed with a mental illness

do you drink alcohol

do you attend 12-step mtgs

do you go to church

do you have enough money to meet your daily needs

what's your nationality

are you generally happy or sad

marital status

do you have a secret you've never told anybody

have you ever gone skinny dipping?

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