For those that just would like to give short feedback, and feel any of the answers below might fit them, I've added this pool to help encourage feedback about this idea. None of it gets into reasons why yes or no, but just yes or no.

Would you like to have this kind of a forum added?

I forget where we post suggestions for forums to be added, and not sure if I should post this here or on another thread. I think I'll just post here - and curious what people think about adding this forum.

I'd like to suggest and see if people support having a private forum that is a private way (i.e. not google searchable and viewable by a non-member) just like coffee talk/questions/stories about therapy (like all those combined) only private? The forum I am suggesting would have the same the same rules about SI and SU talk on the open forums, so it would be safer to read, and just simply private place to post about things that people might feel too insecure to post about on the open forums.

I don’t think this will detract from the public ones, because the responses on the private ones are more limited and stuff, and many things are easy to post public. I think it will give more room to talk about more things, encourage people to post and get involved more, especially those lurking and/ir posting and feeling too scared to post on the open forum for any kind of reason, and yet would feel more confortable on a private forum... and yet just are not in a place to be accesing the Sensitive Issues forum. It will give a private forum people can access without also having to be in a forum that might be too hard for them that generally focuses on SU and SI.

The idea would not be to add any restictions on posts anywhere. Just to have a general posting area that is like the open forums all combinded together in one forum (so we don't have a million forums) - just simply private.

hmmm, now that I am writting this out and thinking about gee, what would it be like to have three private forums...? WHile I think there is a downside to adding yet another forum, I think that maybe adding a "general" private forum might help reduce some of the unintented stigma people might feel (and I;m sure there are more than a few that struggle with that) about a private forum that has a focus on those issues - and emphasize these are just private to protect people and give a more privatre place to share even coffe talk kind s of things, not say the conversation is something to be ashamed of.

Maybe the three private forums could be under a new heading of "Private Forums" just below the from "General Discussion" areas - and that might make things easier to sort through and not feel like there are so many threads to look at, just visually.

It could be titled something like... oh I dunno...

Does any of this make sense?

What do you all think?

ANY feedback welcome. I'm just wondering if people would like a forum like this - (just like other people have posted to see if there was support for adding the Book forum, the ACOA form, Subtance Abuse forum and all that - and following the current instructions/model that if we have a suggestion for a new forum to post about it and see if there is enough support for it to add it.)

If anyone at all thinks it's a bad idea, or something they are simply uncomfortable about - please post and share. It is very welcome (and I won't be offended at all). If anyone has suggestions about this idea for this thread, anyone supports it, anything at all... please post and share. I'd love to know what you all think - honestly and authentically.

It's just an idea I have, and yeah, it could be helpful for me and others, and yet it could also backfire - it could be a good experiement to try and see how it works out, or not try at all. It's ok with me whatever fits best for us all. Just a suggestion, and idea.

would love any feedback or input,
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