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Another Private Forum Poll

Hi All,
The results of the first private forum poll indicate a strong interest in having one available. I have just a few more questions on the setup. As always, if you wish to also reply and leave comments that would be great! Thanks!


Would you use a Private Forum?

If a Private Forum existed, where would you post?

If there is a Private Forum, would you want to require a minimum number of posts on the Open Forum BEFORE a member could join the Private Forum?

If you think a member should have a minimum number of posts before being allowed to access a Private Forum, what number of posts do you think should be required?

Would you be willing to pay a small monthly fee of around $3 (US) in order to have access to a Private Forum?

If a Private Forum is added, would you want the Private Forum to have subforums, such as general issues, substance abuse, domestic violence, sexuality etc. or just have it be a single forum open to all subjects?

This survey was originally posted to a topic here.
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