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Want the freedom that a
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There's umpteen reasons for choosing to be a Patron Member of the PsychCafe. The most talked about ones are the freedom to safely share experiences and getting support on sensitive issues when you need it most.

This is exactly the level of security you'll find in the private forums, "Sensitive Issues" & "Intimate Discussions".

As you know, one necessary feature of psychotherapy lies in its absolute privacy . . . in the comfort of a caring professional you're able to go into deeply held aspects of yourself knowing that — what happens in your sessions — stays there.

Likewise, if you want the kind of support that matches the privacy and anonymity of your own psychotherapy, consider being a Patron Member of the PsychCafe.

Besides, it's risk free...

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As a Member of the Psych Cafe, not only can you . . . 

1. Access content not available to the public.

2. Start threads and post replies.

3. View, create and respond to private messages.

4. Block any members you wish never to see replies from.

5. View member profiles.

6. Upload images to 'Stuff I Love' inside your Profile.

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As a Patron Member you'll also be able to . . .

1. Edit your posts anytime (and override the 60 minute grace period).

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9. Access and/or participate in private forums.*

* We don't want to restrict access to the private forums for financial reasons. If you cannot afford the full monthly fee, please PM Shrinklady to discuss a possible solution. Applications to participate in private forums will be considered on a case by case basis.

** Patron Membership fees are payable monthly. You can cancel at any time (you will have access up to the date that your membership fee covers). As our support is limited, we cannot offer any refund on a monthly fee. This is non-negotiable.

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