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Donate to the PsychCafe

If you have found value in surfing this site or being a registered member of the PsychCafe and would like to help offset the upkeep costs, there's a couple ways you can do that. (The ultimate goal is to make the site self-supporting.)

The Scholarship Fund

At the suggestion of one of our members, we are implementing a scholarship fund to financially support those who would like to retain or gain access to the private forums.

This is a completely anonymous set up. Neither the donor or the recipient will have any knowledge of how the funds are being used.

If you wish to cover the cost of one or more Patron Memberships or would like to be considered for one of the scholarships, please PM me, Shrinklady.

*Note that scholarships are given on a first come first serve basis.

Recurring Donation

Payment Option


Make a One Time Donation

If you'd like to support the community however you're not ready to be a Patron Member or for whatever reason prefer to remain as a Free Member, I have another option.

You can make a one-off donation via this Paypal form.

One-Time Donation


Thank-you for your consideration and support!