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Classical Science of Psychology

Hearing voices

One wonders how many mental and emotional conditions can be successfully treated with human kindness, instead of labeling, medicating and institutionalizing US.Read More...


My T does hold her boundaries and tell me what she is capable of, and has worked out outside support - my P has also offered support. I think it is great when therapists can communicate their limits and realize some patients need more to get through, and helping them accommodate that. To me it says boundaries are good, limits are good, but that needing more isn't bad or dysfunctional but a need that can be worked out in a compassionate way, respecting both people involved. Great article.Read More...

interesting quote from an article about therapy

This is interesting. Does she go on to say what happened or what she discovered about this? My first thought was it was the therapist's lack of skill in not managing the client's processing of these memories/emotions. Perhaps, also, depth psychoanalysis isn't for everyone.Read More...


Oops. Sorry! I had no idea. Sorry, everyone. RabbitEars

Repetition Compulsion article

I found it helpful. I think the steps to stopping could be a lot more detailed with examples! On the illness thing - maybe they mean consistently struggling instead of getting help? I have a friend who constantly struggles with her joints but just keeps complaining..not getting any help. I've done a lot of work with a good therapist for a few years and it sure helps. We are currently working through how to stop the repetition compulsion and it's a process for sure. Being really aware of...Read More...

Night Terrors

Hi cogs! Yep, Prazosin is what I'm on just the tiniest dose it goes I think. Woke up to another great morning after another great sleep. It also helps me fall asleep. I'm afraid to sleep too, right now I'm afraid of my own bedroom and sleeping out on my couch.Read More...


RT, Thanks for sharing such a great article. It makes perfect sense to me. HopefulRead More...


Thank you for the link RT... Waiting for e-mail is the worst. Waiting for phone calls is pretty bad. Actually, I hate waiting in general I get such bad anxiety.Read More...


RT, That was a good story to read...thanks for sharing. Also, the comments that people left about not having the resources to deal with their bi-polar is also a reality for many and that is sad...or in some cases of someone I know who just won't...sad too.Read More...

Adulthood trauma

Hello again guest, I hope you will continue to write here on the forum if it helps at all. It's not the same as interacting with people in real life, I know, but maybe sometimes just putting your thoughts out there can make a small difference? At any rate, I enjoy reading your posts and find them insightful and interesting. Sorry to hear your therapy ended. If you start again, will you have to look for a new T or is your previous one still around?Read More...

Leaving Therapy

(((trixie))) i wonder if it feels like you lost something deeply personal because you did you can talk with us here if you need to. there is sooo much good support here. in the meantime, be gentle with yourself. gentle hugs, (((trixie)))Read More...

adult separation anxiety disorder

Hi SWP, I think a lot of us here have had issues with separation - from our therapists. You will get a lot of support here with this issue. You happened to post in the book forum. Why not try to post in coffee chat or in the questions about my shrink or therapy?Read More...