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Waiting for Elmo

goes to show, you can't wait forever for elmo to show ... life's too short. on the other hand, indulging in chocolate-embelished cookies the way cookie monster does isn't exactly the answer, either. what's the f*cking answer???Read More...


((( Fawn ))) Nice to see you back! And yeah, boots are great. I had a look at the link, that was only PAGE ONE!!!!!!! Love all the different boots, laughed to see Ugg boots there too, the old classic I used to wear those in the '70s. LLRead More...


Ooh this sounds like a cool idea – I’d be into a UK meet. Though it sounds like you’re planning it for a year away, which might be too long for a lot of people (who knows how things will be in a year’s time?) Anyway, it’s a great idea, thanks Draggers . Put me on your PM list for next spring. LLRead More...


I hoped you were ok as I saw you had not beeen posting. Please take care and know we are here thinking of you starfishyRead More...


Oh goodness BG I have absolutely no idea how I managed to reply on your thread I am so sorry you definitely won't leave me any left-overs!!!!! starfishyRead More...

Next Food Network Star

I loved Emily!!! I'm hoping we see her again one day. Don't want to ruin the show for anyone who hasn't caught up yet, but...SNIFF!! (you'll know what I mean!) StarryRead More...

Happy 4th of July!!!

Thanks to our British cousins, I assume all is forgiven? Happy Wednesday to all not in the US and Happy Fourth of July to those in the US. I love this holiday, we have our bunting flying!Read More...


Edited for content - AG Madman, please check your private messages. This is a Chit-chat forum meant to be trigger free, if you wish to discuss this topic further, please post in another area of the forum. AG, ModeratorRead More...


(((((xoxo))))) I am sorry you are feeling so fatigued and foggy, have done so much investigation and work, and are not getting any answers. How frustrating and discouraging. This is just a wild shot in the dark, based on a recent discovery of mine, but are you drinking or eating anything that is low calorie or sugar-free that may have aspartame in it? I was getting headaches to the point of having to take off work on multiple occasions and finally figured out that it was due to all the diet...Read More...


After I turned 30 I immediately got an anti-aging facial! Drinking water and wearing sunscreen hasn't been cutting it. Interesting stuff and yes... she looks fantastic!Read More...

For all you mothers

Aw, Beebers, that picture is so moving it makes me want to cry. ALL babies should be so cherished. Thank you so much for sharing it! And I would like to second Starfishy's motion above. SGRead More...